Jul 17 2009

We ARE doing things…

I know there haven’t been many pictures recently, but that’s because these things take time…and because occasionally we have to do things like mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, wash the clothes and dishes…oh — and look for a job.

Anyway, just wanted to show you that we are making some progress on the pantry. It’s installed and the face frame is on — now we just need to finish the doors, install the shelves and sand and paint it to perfection! No big deal…should take about an hour or so.

P7177024 (Large)
Also, I just wanted to show you that, even in the midst of all this chaos, I have the most STUNNING orchid to look at…and it makes me happy.

P7167022 (Large)

Jul 15 2009

Onward and Upward

As emotionally attached as most of you are to the infamous Keebler Elf, I still have to report that our next project is a proper pantry.  It will sit in the same spot that the Keebler Elf has so notably — and nobly, I’m might add — occupied.  While we will all mourn it’s departure, we bravely welcome the arrival of it’s successor.

The guy in this picture cracks me up — his shape and proportions are slightly less than life-like — but he is really here just to show that the pantry will rise 8 full feet to the ceiling.  Stay tuned…

Pantry (Large)

Jul 15 2009

Ta Da!

P7157008 (Large)

Baking Center (Large)

P7157017 (Large)

I do have to say that I’m pretty disappointed with the “cream” color.  When it’s surrounded by black, it suddenly looks quite yellow.  But, since we already have three gallons of it, I don’t think there’s much we can do…

Jul 13 2009

We’re getting there…

P7127001 (Large)

P7127006 (Large)

I sanded my little heart out yesterday…now I’m waiting for primer to dry so we can start painting!!  Can’t wait to see it finished…

Jul 12 2009

Baking Center

I want our kitchen to look as custom as possible — not like stock cabinets that all match perfectly.  So, the baking center idea was born.  It will go next to the refrigerator and only rise 33 inches from the floor, instead of the standard 36, to make basic baking tasks like rolling and kneading easier.  Here’s what we’ve drawn up — finished product to come soon!

Baking Center (Large)